Get Our Complete 18 Week Martial Arts Course!

Have your child earn all the way up to their Jr. Orange belt online with Master Kelley over 18 weeks!

You get:

- 6 Week Introductory Program (White Belt)

- Dojo Go! Lost Gems of Power (Jr. Yellow Belt)

- Dojo Go! The Legend of the Gold Belt (Jr. Orange Belt)

- Worksheets

- Zoom Tests for Certification

- BONUS ALL Mini-Series Added!

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Pray and train like a Catholic Samurai!

Are you looking for a way to help your kids develop virtue and a habit of prayer while learning forms named after warrior saints? 

You get:

- 3 Forms Named After Saints

- St. Ignatius Meditations

- Lexio Divina for Kids

- Rosary and Stretching Routines

- Virtue Tracker Worksheets


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